October 21, 2019
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  • PIC: 3000 hrs RW total and PIC on Type with NY time: $75000-80000
  • SIC: 2000 hrs - no type time necessary $70000 
  • Managed ship captain $5000 extra. Other paid positions available: Safety Officer, Training Captain, Check Airman, Assistant Chief Pilot.
  • Moonlighting strictly forbidden.
  • No overtime paid. 1 day in lieu given if work day off.
  • 9 hard days off per month - 6 pilot chooses, 3 company assigns. Choose in advance at least 2 months.
  • All holidays worked, 10 days after first year paid vacation. Pilot vacation time encouraged to take place in winter between Sept-Apr.
  • No per diem, no lunch hour - pilots must bring own packed lunch If RON away from base of operations $50 per night.
  • Company 401K provided 6% of 60% of salary matched Company pension (age dependant) approximately $5000 per year -  UTC pays for Higher education (after 1 year of service) resulting in Batchelors or Masters degrees.
  • Unused sick time rolls over annually with a maximum of 130 days


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