October 21, 2019
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  • 9-hour shifts (includes 1 hour for lunch, subject to recall).
  • On call every other weekend.
  • Starting salary = $60,000.
  • 401K after 1 year.  Company matches 50% up to 6%. Updated 2/15/2008
  • Medical - company pays 2/3 of the premium and employee pays 1/3 regardless of coverage.
  • Vacation - 6 days prorated in the first calendar year and 6 days for the first full calendar year.  11 days in the second full calendar.  16 days in the 10th calendar year.
  • Working after a day shift: $100 plus $50 per flight hour.
  • Working an off weekend:
  1. Paid $100 per day for standby.
  2. If called in for story, paid an additional $100 plus $50 per flight hour.



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